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Managing a Trust estate with numerous assets and beneficiaries can be overwhelming.  Trustees have a fiduciary duty to administer the Trust properly and timely, including but not limited to:

  • Notification and open communication with all beneficiaries and heirs-at-law.

  • Record keeping and accounting of all assets and debts.

  • Payment of various debts and expenses.

  • Prudent and timely collection, management, and protection of assets.

  • Making proper and timely distributions to beneficiaries.

Over the years, we at PMA LAW, have found the best way to limit a Trustee’s liability is to obtain proper guidance from the onset of the administration.  Please contact us today to find out how we can help.

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Beneficiaries under California law and a Trust documents itself have certain rights and are entitled to particular information such as:

  • A full and complete copy of the trust and all amendments thereto.

  • A schedule of all trust assets.

  • An account of all trust assets, debts and Trustee expenditures.

  • Trustee compensation.

  • Proper and timely distribution.

If you are a beneficiary of a decedent’s trust, PMA LAW can help you not only understand your rights but protect your rights. Due to the fact that certain beneficiary rights are time sensitive, the advice of an experienced attorney should be obtained sooner than later.

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